In maintaining PTF’s reputation as a leader in the coating industry, we keep close control on the quality of products that leave our premises. We’re a certified facility, successfully meeting and exceeding the stringent performance requirements set forth by our clients, as outlined by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). We are official and approved applicators for performance architectural coatings, recognized by all the leading paint manufacturers, and we’ve worked hard to achieve this accreditation.

The in-house quality control managers work together with our certified inspectors to monitor and document our quality program. This program establishes a comprehensive guide for our personnel to follow and details every step in our control process–from start to finish, from pick-up to delivery. In this guide, we include steps to test pretreatment chemistry, with daily monitoring and testing of all our oven temperatures for accuracy, cataloging daily values, and ensuring overall consistency. In addition, the lab personnel at PTF maintain close records of our waste water treatment and the RTO volatile organic compound abatement system. This ensures that we comply with all local, state, and federal requirements and that we keep our facilities running efficiently.

Sample of Tests Performed:

    (cross hatch tester, pull off adhesion, push off adhesion tests)
    (gloss, haze, shade, opacity & color Meters)
    (scratch, pencil, pendulum persoz hardness & konig hardness tests)
    (digital, mechanical & pencil type coating thickness tests)
    (temperature- data recorders monitoring)
    (mandrel, falling weight & impact testers)
    (humidity chamber testing)
  • CURE
    (MEK rub test)

Make the responsible choice in industrial coatings when you choose us.