Faux Finishes

Using the process of sublimation in our services allows us to offer you a powerful alternative to conventional finishes. These coatings are created to mimic the textures of natural materials without sacrificing durability, maintenance, and appearance of the final product. They’re perfect for just about any project–giving you an ideal balance between aesthetic and practicality.

PTF recommends sublimation for architectural projects with specific requirements–especially if certain flammable materials, such as wood, are prohibited by code. A great advantage to these coatings is heat resistance. These layers can retain their original shapes at temperatures as high as 400° F, and can be applied to materials like aluminum, steel, iron, glass, ceramics, heat-resistant plastics, and certain natural stones.

This technique is useful for many projects. It’s been used on windows, doors, handrails, fencing, columns, shutters, wall and ceiling panels, furniture, lighting posts, appliances, roof panels, transports (cars, trucks, campers, ships, planes,) urban architectural signs, with many more possible applications.

The finished sublimation coating has the appearance of a luxurious texture, simulating wood grains, marble and granite surfaces with a resistance to wear, protecting your products from acids, humidity and salt. Additionally, the powder-coating process is an environmentally-friendly solution and nearly pollution-free.

And since a wood grain coating will not decompose like natural lumber, these coatings require little cleaning and absolutely no maintenance. This is why sublimation coatings have proven to be such good investments–both for PTF and for clients like you. It’s why we’ve entirely remodeled our facility, introducing the equipment needed to offer these finishes in the United States.

Make the responsible choice in faux finishes when you choose us.

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